Saturday, 12 April 2014

Chilly Garlic chutney.

This chutney is a side idsh for idly, dosa etc......  The taste will be amazing. At the same time it protects your heart too.

We need
  1. Peeled garlic a handful 
  2. Red chillies as per your taste.
  3. tamarind  a small gooseberry size 
  4. salt to taste.
  5. oil half a teaspoon.
Pour the half teaspoon oil in a pan and heat it.  When the oil is hot, add the chillies and fry. When it is fried ,keep the chillies aside. Put off the stove and then add the peeled garlic to the hot pan. Fry a little and then keep that aside. Now  grind the fried chillies, salt  in a mixie. after it is powdered add the tamrind and then grind again. when the mixture is fully blend add the lightly fried garlic and run the mixie. when it turns into a paste, store it in a glass jar or a stainless steel  jar.As we don't add water , it has got along shelf life. If need be you can even store it in a referigerator.

Take care to see that the quantitiy of chillies are more than the garlic. Only then the chutney will not be sticky.

Serve it with Idly,Dosa ..... Enjoy the taste .

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