Monday, 15 August 2016

Thavala vadai

தவலை  வடை செய்முறை இங்கே.

This Vadai has earned its name from the vessel( Thavalai), in which it is cooked. "Thavalai" is a Tamil name for a vessel(  made of either brass or bronze)which has a narrow neck and a broad trunk.  And yes guessed it right. This Vadai was prepared in ' Thavalai' using minimum oil.  Oil was spread on its inner walls  and the dough was spread in small vadai sizes on oil spread. Thavalai , then closed with a lid  was kept on low fire for slow cooking. When the vadai was roasted and  cooked, it would fall from the walls inside the vessel. 

What next? 
 Eat it hot with chutney or Sambhar.  
But now in this fast world we neither have the time nor the patience to prepare this vadai in this  traditional way.

It does not mean that we had stopped eating Thavalai vadai. Instead we had customized this vadai. It  dances to our tunes inside the hot oil.

Let me stop here and give the recipe for Thavalai Vadai.. 
All you need is 

Raw Rice - 2 cups
Channa dal - 3/4 cup.
Toor Dal - 1/4 cup.
Urad dal a handful.
Red Chillies - 1 or 2.
Black pepper - 1 or 2 spoons ( coarsely powdered)
Salt to taste.
Coconut cut into small small pieces - a handful.
Asafoetida- little.
Mustard Seeds-1 spoon.
Curry Leaves .
Oil to Fry.


Cooking Instructions:
Soak the rice and the dhal varieties together for four or five hours.
 Then grind these with red chillies , salt and asafoetida. Take care to not to grind it nice. The dough should be a little coarse.
Add the coarse pepper powder, coconut pieces, curry leaves. 
The dough should be garnished with mustard seeds.

Now heat the oil in a pan. When it is really hot take a spoonful of the dough and pour it in the hot oil. You can make 3 or 4 vadais simultaneously. Flip the vadais after some time. let it become golden brown on both the sides.

Now the vadais are ready to eat. Serve them hot with chutney, sambhar or sauce .

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