Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tomato Gojju

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Yesterday, feeling bored, I was surfing tv channels. So many news channels..... giving their own versions and trying to make even trivial matters as sensational news. As I was surfing, suddenly I saw myself landing in a kitchen. The chef was busily cutting a heap of tomatoes. What could he do with so much of tomatoes.....I wondered. My curiosity allowed me to stay there for a while.

In the course of chef's conversation, I came to know that he was preparing tomato gojju.I continued to watch. After watching the show, even I tried my hand on this recipe.A very simple recipe , but with a great taste.

To my surprise, this recipe had a warm welcome at home too.

Let me share the recipe with you now.

All you need to prepare this:

1. Tomatoes ---- 1/4 kg.
2. Turmeric power---1/2 tea spoon.
3. Redchilly powder/Sambhar powder---3 or 4 spoons(as per your taste).
4. Salt to taste.
5. Jaggery crumps -- a fistful.
6. Asafoetida--1/4 spoon.
To garnish
7. oil--- 2 spoons.
8. mustard seeds a little.
9. fenu greek seeds/methi-- one spoon.

Preparing Instructions:

Wash the tomatoes well before cutting them into small pieces. Keep it aside.Pour a spoon of oil in a pan and heat it. Then add mustard seeds . When mustard starts popping, add the fenugreek seeds. When fenu greek seeds turn golden brown, add the cut tomatoes.To that add turmeric powder, chilly powder, salt and jaggery.Mix it well. Pour a little water for the tomatoes to get cooked. Close it with a lid and simmer the gas. Stir it now and then. When the tomatoes get cooked, remove the lid. keep stirring the tomatoes till the gravy thickens to a smooth paste consistency.

Remove from fire and garnish it with asafoetida.

Wow! The flavour is sure to sail with the wind and bring back neighbours to your kitchen.

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