Thursday, 12 December 2013

Crispy Thenkuzhal

Thenkuzhal is a traditional murukku , made in South Indian homes. An easy  murukku to make.
Let us see the recipe .
All you need is

Raw rice 5 cups
White black gram dhal( urad dal) 1 cup. 
Asafoetida  half a tea spoon.
Jeera/ sesame seeds a little.
Cooking butter 50 grams or a little  less.
Salt to taste.
Oil to fry.

Of course, don't forget to add lots of love.

Now get the rice and urad dhal  ground to a fine powder. Alternatively, you can also use rice flour and urad dhal  flour.
 Mix both the flours well by seiving it  so as to ensure that the two flours mix well. If the flours don't mix well there is every possibility of  thenkuzhal bursting when frying.

Take a bowl  and first put this mixed flour. Then add jeera/ sesame seeds to it. add the butter, asafoetida powder ,
Add salt and mix them well with a ladle .
Now add water, little by little and make a dough ,neither very tight nor very loose .
Then put this  dough in a murukku achu(mould)  and  make thenguzhals in the heated oil .When it turns golden yellow,  remove it from the oil , allow it to cool and place it in an  airtight box. 
Serve these  thenkuzhals  to your dear ones  with pride.
This has got a long shelf life.

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