Tuesday, 24 December 2013

lemon pickle (oil free)

To make lemon pickle  we need,

juicy lemons 10 to15.
turmeric powder.
red chillies  as per your taste.
methi seeds 3 tea spoonfulls
salt  as per taste.
First let us cut each  lemon into eight or ten pieces as you wish.
drop all these lemons in a  wide mouth container ,.

As you drop them squeeze some of them so as to get juice.
This will help the salt to dissolve quickly.
Add salt and  turmeric powder .shake well and keep aside.
Let it remain  for a week or so like this.
Don't forget to shake the container every morning.
After a week you can see the lemon pieces , soaked in lemon juice as shown below.

Now fry the chillies and methi seeds in oil and grind them to a fine powder in a mixie.

Add this to the lemon.
Your yummy lemon pickle is ready.Taste it. If need be you can add more salt and chilly powder.
Don't bother if it is a bit salty as that will prevent the pickle from getting spoiled.
Also as days go by the  sour taste of the lemon will overcome the saltiness.

Let us store this lemon pickle  in a glass or porcelien  jar only

Avoid Plastic Containers.
Prevent Cancer..