Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oats Laddu

Oats - We are all aware of its health benefits. I normally make Oats uppuma, kichadi and even porridge. 
Today I tried Oats laddu, just like Rava laddu. It turned out so good. let me share the recipe with you.

To make Oats Laddu all we need is

Oats--1 cup.
Sugar--1/4 cup or according to your taste.
cardamom--1 or 2.
cashews a little.
ghee 6 tea spoons.

Preparing Instructions

First dry roast the oats till it turns brown. when oats gets roasted a nice aroma will be in the air. Then you can remove from fire and let it cool. .
 Make  the sugar and the cardamom to a fine powder in the mixi.. Then add the roasted oats and grind that  also into a fine powder. Mix both the powders .

Heat a little  ghee. Roast the cut cashews and add to the powder.
Now heat the rest of the ghee. when it is really hot pour it in the powder. mix it well  with a ladle..

Now you can make little laddus using your palm. Take care that you do not burn your hands. You can always wait till the flour gets cooled a little .

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