Monday, 29 December 2014

Raw Banana powder( podi)

You would have eaten  bajji, chips ... made from raw banana.
Now I shall share with you the recipe of raw banana powder.( in Tamil we call it as Vazhaikkai podi)

We need :

green Raw banana--1.
urad dhal----3 tea spoons.
red chillies --2 or 3 as per your taste.
salt to taste.
asafoetida quarter tea spoon.
oil  --1 tea spoon 

Preparing Instructions :

Cut the banana into two halves. Put them into a vessel and add water till the bananas are immersed .
Then boil it. Let the bananas be just cooked . Take care to see that they are not over cooked. Just press the tip of a spoon in the cooked banana. The spoon should be able to just pierce through it. That is the right time to remove from the stove. Take out the bananas from the water and cool, it down. Then peel. Smash it a little with your hands or a spoon and keep aside.

Now fry , urad dhal, red chillies, asafoetida  in oil till they are golden brown . Then cool it. Put all the fried items in a mixie jar. add salt. powder it . Now add the smashed banana into the mixture and grind it using the whipper button for just a few seconds. 

Banana Powder is ready. This goes well with steaming rice. You can add a little gingelly oil while mixing with rice to have a great taste . Oil will also avoid stickiness.

 P.S :When preparing this recipe keep in mind

To prevent the podi from becoming  a sticky ball 
you should not over cook the banana  or over run the  mixie after adding the smashed banana. 
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