Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bitter Gourd Roast.

If only bittergourd tastes.... sweet .........can you imagine the happiness in your kids face?
Then here is the recipe.......Prepare and taste it.

All you need is 

  1. Bitter Gourd  ------1/4 kg.
  2. tamarind-------------size of a lemon.
  3. turmeric powder----1/4 teaspoon.
  4. sambar podi----------2 or 3 tea spoons (as per your taste)
  5. salt -------------------as required..
  6. oil --------------------2 or 3 teaspoons.
  7. mustard seeds (optional)---1 teaspoon.
  8. sugar/ artificial sweetener-----3 teaspoons.

cooking instructions:

Cut the bittergourds into thin slices and keep aside. Now take the juice from the tamarind. Let it be not too watery .

Pour a little oil in a pan and heat it. Now add the cut  bitter gourd and shallow fry for a few minutes. Now add the tamarind juice , add the turmeric powder, sambar powder, salt and stir . Close it with a lid and bring the gas to sim. Now and then stir and check if the bitter gourd is cooked. When it is cooked, taste and if necessary add the ingredients. Then remove the lid.

When all the water is evaporated , and the bitter gourd does not stick to the pan add the sugar. Fry just for a few minutes. If needed you can add more sugar.

Remove from fire.Serve .

You can mix  with plain rice and eat  . Also it gives very good company for curd rice.

Enjoy the recipe. please give me a feed back.

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