Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Kodo Millet Uppuma ( Varagu )

There is much talk about the millets these days,as they carry more health benfits.

I prepared uppuma with Kodo Millet.Let me share the recipe....

All we need is

  1. Kodo Millet ----1 cup.
  2. One onion cut into fine pieces.
  3. Green chillies cut into fine pieces.
  4. Mustard ------1 spoon.
  5. Urad dhal------1 spoon.
  6. asafoetida-----little.
  7. oil ----onespoon.
  8. salt to taste.
  9. curry leaves a little.

Preparing instructions 

Heat the oil in a  fry pan. When it is hot add the asfoetida, mustard and urad dhal. When the dhal turns golden brown add the cut onions, chillies,and curry leaves.when they get fried, add about two and a half cups of water. Then add salt. When the water gets to boil add the kodo millet and stir. Then lower the fire and close it with a lid. stir it now and then.

The millet will get cooked in ten or fifteen minutes. Remove from fire and serve it hot.

Chilly Ginger chutney  goes well with this. Enjoy the uppuma  and don't forget to give a feed back.

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